Durojaiye Versatile was born and raised in the melting pot of the San Francisco Bay Area. His debut album The Fermented Sessions released in 2009 began to create buzz becoming apart of URB.com’s Sonicbids Selects, Tilllate Magazine dubbed him as “One to Watch” and Weallwantsomeone.org shouted the fresh tracks contained “…Minimalistic instrumentals that are absolutely stunning with top of the line production.” Most recently his work has made a number of notable TV and Film appearances, most recently CSI Miami and the indie film “Light of Mine”.
The background noise in his household growing up was always music. Whether it was his mother playing Soul and Rock, father listening to Blues and Motown, or at his uncle’s house filled with Jazz, one thing was certain; his ear for music has been trained since a young child. Adding even more to this musical pedigree, his grandfather Jesse Whitaker was inducted into the Gospel Hall of Fame with The Pilgrim Travelers in 2001.
At the age of twelve he started Deejaying; spinning artists like Soul Sonic Force, Prince, Trinere, Thomas Dolby, Eric B and Rakim along with others. This developed his passion for mixing while being immersed in a plethora of genres. It wasn’t until he traveled to Los Angeles to visit extended family where he discovered his love of production. Once he started tinkering with an E-mu Drumulator, he knew this fascination was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. By 1990, at the age of 16 when most kids were collecting shoes or hats, Durojaiye collected 45′s of jazz, soul and rock. His very first production was created when he borrowed a sampling guitar pedal and along with two cassette decks, his first track was born.
Best recognized for his distinct use of drums and melodies, he accredits his creative style to being surrounded by different types of music for as long as he can remember, eventually inspiring him to create his forthcoming release “The Melting Pot” EP part I & II. This two-part EP is a diverse electronic assortment of Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, Soul and R&B. The first single “Salute” will be released this fall with the full EP soon to follow.
“…A self proclaimed Menage-a-trois of Hip Hop, Sade and Kraftwerk — and that is quite accurate. It’s like having your own personal soundtrack recognising definite hip-hop, soul and funk themes. You can’t help but melt into his thought.”
– Bella, More than the Music UK
“…From the electronic tribal drums to the melodic guitar counterpoint and piano plunks creates Funk, Jazz and an eclectic mix of sounds. Stands heads and tails above the pack of wannabes.”
– Cody Blevins, Vents Magazine.
“…Minimalistic instrumentals that are absolutely stunning with top of the line production.”
– We All Want Someone To Shout For
“…Paints tightly wound electronic soundscapes with strokes of Hip Hop, late night Jazz-Funk and the soulful side of Detroit techno.”
– Soulstatic, The Dope Spot
Saturday Night
Creepy Neighbors Remix

The Fermented Sessions (Debut Album)
Stay and Enjoy Life:
Kuba’s Coming:
The Day After:
Never Forgotten:
God Speed:

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