“Saturday Night” – Free Download

If you’re in Southern California and hanging out at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf you just may hear this one. Or you can download it for free right now and listen whenever you please!

Just click on the pic…

If you’re apart of the email list, check your inbox…you already have it!


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2 Responses to “Saturday Night” – Free Download

  1. Hi Durojayie!

    Your great track is now featured on episode #125 of our free non-commercial Podcast “XtraChill”!! Thanks for giving us a sneak preview of your forthcoming album!

    Find “XtraChill” for FREE on the iTunes Store or download the show manually by visiting our shownotes in our weblog at


    where you can find all links to the bands featured – and a donation-button if you wanna support us. Please spread the word about our show! :o)

    *hugs* Germany

    Andreas (and Juergen) from the “XtraChill”-Podcast


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