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I’ve been seeing a lot of artists I like on bandcamp. So… after reading up, I set up a page. The one thing I really like about it is, I can create download codes for free tracks or albums. Why is this important? I’ve been looking into getting download cards and you can only load a entire album. Now.. that’s fine and dandy, but what if I’m out and meet folks and I wanna give them a free track from the album or the whole thing? I can’t! As an artist I should be able load the card with one song, three songs or the album to give away for promo. Bandcamp allows me to do that…finally!

This is also where any free EP’s, tracks, etc.. can be found once I start to put them up. Make sure you give the bandcamp page a look every so often or make sign up for the mailing list so as soon as that free joint(s) is available you can go get it.


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