Technic SL-1210 M5G: The Rip Off, I need to vent

This past Wednesday I was spinning at Blowfish Sushi SF. This is my second time using the above and something just clicked. I realized how much I love these tables. I have a pair of MK II’s and yes I like them…however not like these. They are so smooth and on point! After my first set I sat down next to my wife and said, “I want a pair of those!” Of course she glanced at me as to say whatever, looking at her phone like she wasn’t paying attention.

So…this sparked me to take a look into things and see how much they cost. Just this time last year I helped a friend of a friend get a pair of these for about $1100 (not including tax). That’s right $1100 for a pair (thanks to my folks I get all my pro audio gear from). I gave him a call and he tells me they’re now selling for $899…huh…what? I’m sorry they’re selling for how much again? His reply was, I know…it’s ridiculous, they discontinued them and were almost doubled in price. People who don’t know, pay it…it’s crazy.

Then…I started looking online and some of these stores are charging $ 1000 – 1200 a piece all while claiming the lowest price… I almost choked! It’s unreal…I love these tables but not enough to spend $900+ a piece, especially when I know how much I should be able to get them for. These retailers need their a**es beat with a cat o’ nine tails! They get away with it because of folks who don’t know. As a matter of fact take a look at the snap shot I took about 30 minutes ago from the panasonic site.

You may have to click on it to enlarge it so you can see the price…$699… yes, $699 and that’s suggested retail not what you should be paying for them plus tax out the door. If you’re paying above $699 for these joints, I hope you have something to sooth the pummeling your backside took.







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