Hella Sick #8 – Adidas again

Adidas Patent Leather Casual Superstars

I’ve been looking for these since I saw them about 4 – 5 months ago. My obsession was with the patent leather Chuck’s at first, however once I saw these my attention shifted. I actually ordered them only to find out a couple days later my order was canceled due to the fact not one store had my size. After a conversation last night with a fellow shoe whore (I’m mean enthusiast), I came home, got on my computer and what do you know? They had my size and I ordered a pair immediately! Today I received the confirmation they where shipped. Good times…good times…

ZX Lite Casual Running Shoe

Now… I came across these unbelievably light and ridiculous shoes while stopping in the Adidas store in Berkeley. I actually stood there waiting for like 20 minutes while a salesperson called the San Francisco store to see if they had my size, they did and I placed them on hold. The next day I went in and tried them on and wasn’t completely sold, they’re pretty narrow and I wasn’t 100% sure about the white/neon or the blue/orange… so I waited. About a week later I walked into Finish Line in Serramonte Mall… they had them… and in Black/Red, not only that… they were on sale and cheaper than the Adidas store. Yes…I picked up a pair! While I was online (ordering the shoes above) I saw they were $10 cheaper then when I bought them 3 weeks ago. You guessed it… I took my receipt back in today and got a refund for the difference (which was great of them to do). I am a fan of all the folks that work at Finish Line Serramonte, not just because of the refund but they all go above and beyond every time I’ve been in there. Oh.. I just found them in army green and will probably order a pair tomorrow.


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