Msi9weeks-week 9 Farewell

Goodness, time really does seem to fly when you’re having fun. This challenge went by so quick, I can’t believe it. As I said before I had so many victories following this challenge. I began by simply writing my goals down and I’ve accomplished most of them. I had all the meetings I wanted to have, signed on with IDC Distribution for physical and the street date is October 16th or some where around there. I started exercising as a matter of fact I ‘m going to pilates tonight (I’ve always wanted to use one of those machines). However I haven’t started playing guitar yet, I’ve been finding myself working on promoting this album and that’s it..wait a minute.. I haven’t even worked on anything new yet… I have to change that immediately!

Week 2, I figured out my pitch or at least the one I’ll use for right now, I think it really fits my sound… “An instrumental menage-a-trois of Hip-Hop, Sade and Soul II Soul”

Week 3, I optimized my blog since my site is not up yet, I now have links to where anyone can find me as well as a link for the mailing list.

Week 4 and 5 helped me be consistent with tweeting and blogging, however I need to follow more people. I found a tons of new blogs and made a lot of new contacts too.

Week 6 and 7 helped get my newsletter ready as well as adding more people to it (and counting)

Week 8 give me excellent networking tips to add to what I was already doing, I even re-ordered cards with my picture on them.

And lastly, week 9… I built my funnel! What does that mean? What I can offer to all supporters of my music, T-shirts, free music, novelty items (which I’ll post a pic as soon as they’re done) etc.

My first time doing the challenge I didn’t get past the second week, I am very proud of myself for finishing the entire 9 weeks.

Thank you Ariel!


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