Msi9week – week 8

Week 8 and only one week left. First and foremost I’m happy to say I stuck it out and kept up with each week making small but important steps towards success. I’ve become more efficient and I’ve gained more visibility. All the tools I’ve learned thus far will get me closer to where I wanna be with my current project as well as having a stronger foundation for all future projects.

This week gave us “Real Live Networking Tips” and it gave me a “coat check” on what not to say in follow up emails.. Which I was using before…Never again! I got business cards after reading “Boot Camp for Musicians 2.0”, however my next batch will have a picture on them (I like that idea). I have started going out to more shindigs because it has finally sunken in that that’s what I need to do to meet fellow industry folks. Yes, I have learned not to talk about me first off, that can come later once dialog starts.

All of this is huge, especially with every thing I’m getting ready to embark upon over the next two month and beyond with my music. I look forward to the ninth and final week!


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