267,761 Downloads – Creepy Neighbors Remix

I created a .pdf of the pages that show the number of downloads and for some reason it will not show the pic and just give me a link

This one shows under durojaiye versatile:   Nowdownload 1

This one shows under Rozanski : Creepy Neighbors (Durojaiye…)  Nowdownload 2

Oh my goodness, this is crazy! If this is correct there’s been 267,761 downloads of the Rozanski “Creepy Neighbors Remix” in did. I can’t believe it. That’s a lot of downloads for any artists, let alone a small indie guys like Rozanski, Blipswitch Digital and myself. Once this is collected, I’ll actually have the funds to promote the album and help support those around me…..

Yeah right!

While doing a search I came across nowdownloadsall.com which is a file sharing site that charges users to be apart of it. Now, I’m happy so many people downloaded something I created, I understand the whole P2P share thing and how the Major label had a lot to do with creating this culture. However, the “little guys” get affected the most, we’re not a major with millions of dollars. We’re barely making it or not making it at all and need every dime of revenue to keep putting out music. Only 1% of indie artist sell 1000 units, if 1000 units are sold that equates to about $5,000, just the cost of recording (if you don’t have your own set up), mastering and CD’s (units) cost half of that or more. We also need promotion to help get the word out… after that we’re more than likely in the negative.

We love to do music, we would love to only do music and support our families but that takes support. If you appreciate what an artist is doing support them, it allows us to continue to do what we love and allows you to continue to listen to what you love!

Here’s some insight on how this all works, and if there were 267,761 digital downloads of one track (not the entire single). Let’s say they where all purchased on iTunes at 99 cents, the total would be $265,083 ( I rounded down.. that’s a lot of money). After iTunes and the digital aggregator (distributor to online retailers) take their cut the label gets about $132,542 give or take. Then that would be split roughly 50/50 between the label and I (this is only if my remix was downloaded only). The label and I would get $66,271 (rounded up) or if it was the original version the label and my man Rozanski would get that amount. Do you think we would be able to support our families and continue this music with $66,271 made? Of course, not only that, we could sit and only do music and make even more available for free and for sale!

Oh…and yes, I sent nowdownloadall.com an email!


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