Vents Magazine Interview/Review

I’ve completely been behind on updating my blog with new events, but I’m back on it now. The Music Challenge is helping me with that. Vents Magazine is an E-Zine that features some artist you have never heard of as well as some you have. I had the pleasure of doing an interview/review for the “Sitting Chair” section of the mag. Here’s a preview of what was said about the album and you can check out the interview from the link below:

Even with the chopped and diced beats that compromise Versatile’s songs,  it is clear to see his influences. From the electronic tribal drums to the melodic guitar counterpoint, and  piano plunks, he channels  the likes of renowned beat maker J Dilla, and disparate indie artists such Portishead, in his funk, jazz, and eclectic mix of sounds.  Which is prevalent on many tracks in his repertoire, including “Stay and Enjoy Life” a funky mix of lounging bass and synth on top of a bouncy guitar riff, to the angelic choir notes and hip-hop drums of “The Day After.” This combination, serves as a very enjoyable take on the mix-and-match nature of beat production, and stands heads and tails above the pack of wannabes. – Cody Blevins

Now I must say, I personally would never put myself in the same conversation when it comes to production with the likes of Dilla, he is definitely one of my influences and god like with composing. It is a huge compliment, thanks Cody. on page 28-29

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