Msi9weeks – week 1 – Goals

I got my goals together at least a start, I’m sure I will add some as I think of them:

1 Month

It’s August 8, 2010 and I have set up my distribution deal with IDC Distribution for physical and digital, I have began to spend 15 minutes a day learning guitar, I’ve uploaded my pitch to music to began fund-raising to promote the current album, finished my business plan, created my pitch, optimized my blog (until my site is actually up), defined my social media outlets, spending 15 minutes a day learning Spanish, followed up with ODC Dance to see if they have listened to the album for possible use in shows, Met with Azcon Publishing to see about working to together, Have sent out my first newsletter, set a date to meet with the writer of CSI Vegas in LA and continue to stay on top of the Music Success in 9 weeks challenge. I’ve also have added 100 new Facebook, Reverbnation and Myspace supporters as well as to my mailing list, re-released The Fermented Sessions digitally through IDC Distribution, received no parking tickets and put 10% of what I’ve made in a saving account.

3 Month

It’s October 8, 2010 and I’ve completed every week of the Music Success in 9 weeks challenge and have began to work with Ariel and crew, Have released the album physically through IDC Distribution, have sold 300 units physically and 500 digitally, I am actually playing the guitar ok, my Spanish is getting better, I’ve teamed up with Vin 12 and sale CD’s at their wine mixers, I’ve created a distribution network with wineries in Napa Valley and Santa Barbara, I’ve place two tracks in TV and/or Commercials, the new website is paid for and up and running, I’ve now have 500 new Facebook, Reverbnation and Myspace supporters as well as in my mailing list, my fund-raising effort on music was funded, continue to save 10% of earnings, choose my marketing options, make contact and select services, I’ve received 2 new reviews from magazines, begin creating live show and looking at cities to tour.

12 Month

C) It’s July 8, 2010 and I’ve sold 5000 physical units and 5000 digital units, I’ve placed 6 tracks in TV and/or Commercials, released a new project (Feb 11’), released one other artist from my label, had a great time at Midem and Winter Music Conference, began fund-raising for second project, I now have 12,000 Reverbnation and Myspace supporters (Facebook doesn’t allow that many, I think), surprised at how $ I have just from saving 10% each month, I’m now touring overseas and placed tracks on 2 separate compilations albums, have collaborated with 3 major artists for commercial releases, speak Spanish very well, sent out my 12th news letter,  composed original music/score for a film, have the studio and gear I want and play the guitar like a champ!


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