Msi9weeks – week 1 pt. 5

Let reflect back on the first week so far… With some things still in the works and dates set to finish them, I’ve completed entering my release info for IDC Distribution. I did not make it to the show at Harlot, I was just to tired and felt I needed to stay at home and relax with the wife as well as I’m on the road to getting healthy following my Nutrition Response program. To end this week I will sit down and write out my Music Career Goals – next 12 months, Lifetime Music Goals, Money Goals for the next 12 months, Annual Goals for the next 12 months for my family and I and lastly, Lifetime Goals. I will post what I have Sunday night.

My successes for the day: waking up, got the additional information needed to get the paperwork done to submit for our first home, finished entering my release info (mentioned above), relaxed and spent a little time with my wife and went to Micheal Romanowski Mastering to say hello and listen to some of my good friends new project.

Goal for today: Gathering all the documents needed to submit for our first home!


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