Msi9weeks – week 1 pt 4

5 successes of the day… woke up (you will continue to see this one everyday), dropped of my grandfather-in-law off at Oakland Airport an hour and 10 minutes early, went to see my chiropractor for my nutritional response testing follow up and check up (turns out my body is healing and getting healthier faster than most.. remember one of my goals is to start exercising, this helps just as much), filled out the application to consolidate my student loans for a lower payment and returned my rent-a-car on time with 10 minutes to spare.

I did add a couple of new goals today, these are on the agenda for tomorrow… Finish entering all the information need to complete my release through IDC Distribution (entering ISRC, writer and publishing splits, etc.), Head over to Harlot for the Karmacoda show with Anji Bee and meet Anji in person as well as others in my genre. Anji added “Stay and Enjoy Life” to one of her podcast sometime ago and start adding people/friends/possible supporters on Reverbnation and Facebook (I figure 15 people a day or so is a good place to start).


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