Msi9weeks week 1 pt. 3

So.. Last night was my last in L.A. and we stayed at my man Rito house and got to play around with his kids as well. Believe it or not he could not remember his network password so I couldn’t not do my update for yesterday, so I’ll do it now. My 5 successes were, waking up (this is always a success), meeting with Lauren from Next Aid (great cause) to figure out not only how I could get involved but brainstorming ways other unknown artists can get involved as well (So, you may see me bar-tending at Love Fest this year to help raise money). Watched my 67 year old father try to run a football route against my 15 year-old son while I was playing quarter back (Hilarious!), Watched my 13 year-old let some high school cats have it on the court at the Lakers Basketball Camp and had dinner with my dad and his wife before we headed to Rito’s. I completely forgot to add the other day.. I emailed Giant Step (just found out today they’re no longer doing the label thing.. I’m a little hurt by that) for marketing and promotional programs they offer. I heard back today and actually spoke with Erik over the phone. I emailed another company that I can’t remember right now but have not heard back from them as of yet.

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday… Crazy. As I mentioned before, I plan to spread each section over the entire week or at least attempt too. I have not had the chance to right down my goals, however I’ve been making mental notes so when I sit down to do it, I already know it. I also mentioned picking up a composition note book and washable markers (just in case my 4 year-old gets a hold of them). I decided to pick up two pocket sized composition books. Why? I wanted to make myself get straight to the point with my thoughts and not have a lot of room to expand in it, I can do that in a word doc. once it’s time too or make my expansion  short and to the point as well. My first set of goals are (more than likely you can’t read my hand writing, let a alone how small it is.) raising capitol, there are other things I can do of course however, I feel this is a big component. When this becomes a reality then my marketing plans and everything else on a large scale comes to be. My idea?, there are other sites that do the same thing however I really like this one for some reason. My goal is to upload my pitch video by 7/15/10, I may do this on my own site as well but I’ll start here first. I will need to raise $ 10,000, well actually $ 30,000 would be ideal. It could go over $ 10,000 (I hope) if enough people would like to get behind it, here’s what I mean though:

$10 donation – Digital copy of the album + a free EP (once mastered)

$25 donation – A signed CD (handwritten of course) + the free EP and T-shirt

$ 50 donation – The above + your picture choice from any photo shoot signed as well or a Sweat Shirt (which one should I do?)

$ 150 donation – the above + digital copies of any album I release from here on (limited to 50 people)

$ 300 donation – the above ($ 50 option) + a signed CD of any album released from the label and a bottle of my favorite wine with the album cover label on it, signed as well. (limited to 25)

$ 500 donation – the above and dinner at one of my favorite San Francisco restaurants (I have a few, I like to eat and yes you should be in the Bay Area unless you’re visiting) (limited to 4)

The bottom line goal is to get 1000 people to do option 1! The next question is how of course, right? I plan to utilize social media like facebook an contact ever single person I know personally to pass on my message to them as a favor and post it in one of their updates. Any and all media I get will have something directing readers to the kickstarter page, as well as any forums I’m involved in as well. That’s the start anyway, any ideas? I’d love to hear them!

My other goals consist of setting up a meeting with Chris Austria who is the Film and T.V. Licensing guy for IDC Distribution (Oh, I just signed with them for digital distribution and will be in talks for physical distribution in the very near future (keep your fingers crossed) by 7/16/10, Creating a pitch (which is in week 2) by 7/16/10, creating a business plan so I can physically see where funds will be allocated, plus for possible investors by 7/26/10. Making a payment for my website that was created by made by six (sorry it’s taken so long guys ) by 7/26/10 and lastly get off my behind and start doing some sort of exercise by 7/16/10 (probably stretching first).

There will be more goals to come over the next couple of days… Stay tuned.


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