First Time in Boston

The wife and I flew in to Boston this evening, for some reason the flight seemed like it took forever, maybe it was because of the migraine that hit me all of a sudden. After some EFT and Acupressure and a little sleep it went away. This is the first time to Boston and I have to say my first impression of the city is good. We were surprised after we landed to see a guard carrying an AK-47 and we thought that’s how they did here. Come to find out Air Force One landed just a few minutes before us and Obama was in town for a fundraiser.

Our first dinning experience was a good one, We ate at Legal Sea Food and everything we ate was pretty good. Above is a pic of our Legal Experience appetizer and my drink called the “West Indie” (Mount Gay Rum, fresh squeezed O.J., minty lime juice and  a splash of Ginger Beer (I love Ginger Beer))

I don’t drink wine much (the wife loves it more than I), however this Moscato was amazing! Michele Chiarlo Nivole, I have to pick up a case for the house!


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